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In GSM Mediatech you can find the  best appliances  to make your day to day easier. Appliances for your home, for your kitchen or for your personal care. Search now for the appliance you need and have been looking for. You will surely find it in our extensive catalog. And if not, contact us, we are looking for it for you.


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Home appliances

The best deals on appliances that your home or business needs. Fridges, freezers, microwaves, toasters, sandwich makers, washing machines, fans. We also have kitchen robots, kettles. Everything you need to make your day to day more comfortable and easy.

Appliances for your kitchen

Has a kitchen appliance that you used to streamline your housework break down? Or maybe you just moved in and they haven't left you anything useful to cook with. We have a wide selection of appliances that will make your work cooking much easier. Use a programmable kitchen robot and when you get home from work you will have everything ready to sit at the table to eat. What sounds good? Well, it is possible thanks to the products that we have available in GSM Mediatech.

Refrigerators, hobs, or a freezer

If you are thinking of changing any of these large appliances you have come to the ideal place, take a look at our corresponding section and discover the different brands and offers we have for you. And the best of all that we can take it home in 24 hours and you will be enjoying your new product and at the best price in less than you imagined.

Household items

Everything you need for household items you will find with us. From coffee capsules to prepare the best breakfast or enjoy an unforgettable snack. Going through the different coffee machines on the market, from the most current and automatic, to the typical coffee machines of a lifetime. All accessories for the kitchen, pans. paella pans, kitchen utensils, saucepans and saucepans, pressure cookers and even grilling plates.

All kinds of electrical equipment, such as extension cords, cables, plugs, power strips and everything related to electricity for the home that you may need. We also have a wide range of lighting, we are talking about bulbs and LED lighting for your office, home or business. Tools for DIY at home. You will also be able to see our availability in electronics, from consumer batteries for controls, clocks and other household appliances. going through mini-systems, car audio systems, alarm clocks, home cinema, digital frames, DVD or Blu-Ray devices to connect to your television and much more electronics.